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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> that breaking news this noon in montgomery county right now police are on the scene of a stand-off. police tell us a man barricaded himself inside of a landscaping business on brookeville road in silver spring. our john gonzalez is live on the scene with what's happening right now. john? >> jummy, 911 got the call early
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this morning of shots fired on brookeville road in silver spring. take a look at the scene behind me. it's still a very active barricade situation going on four hours now and take a look. mobile command centers, police cruisers, heavy equipment with the county's emergency response team. you name it. it has been brought in. it was 8:00 this morning, an employee showed up to work at the brookeville landscape supply. his workers telling police he seemed very agitated. very angry. it's unclear at this hour if there was some sort of an argument or a fight. but at one point, that man that employee, became armed and dangerous. >> at one point, he went to his vehicle, retrieved what they said was a shotgun. fired one round into a moss pile pointed that shotgun at another employee. >> made a phone call to go get breakfast for all of us. on the way back everybody was shut down and couldn't get through down there.
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>> and we understand at this hour, that armed man is holed up right outside of that building between supplies and pile of mulch, we understand. police on every corner here, the entire area is closed off. no reports of any injuries at this hour and we have been told that negotiators have been communicating with this armed man via cell phone. reporting live in silver spring john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> thanks for that breaking news update. new this noon, police in fairfax county are collecting evidence after remains possibly belonging to a human were found. they say a resident made that discovery in a wooded area right off of 2900 block of treadwell lane in herndon. they are waiting a report from the medical examiner. developing now investigators are trying to figure out what caused yesterday's plane crash. the single engine plane went down in woods right near the tipton airport in fort meade. that crash injured two men ages
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57 and 82. our jeanette reyes reports on where aviation experts are in the investigation right now. >> well, we're just a few hundred yards away from the scene of that plane crash which is now under investigation by the f.a.a. state troopers maintain tight security for hours as federal investigators sifted through the wreckage yesterday. maryland state police say the crash happened in a heavily wooded area close to 3:00 yesterday afternoon near tipton airport here. two men ages 57 and 82 were trapped inside of that plane that was upside down for quite sometime. it took about an hour to extricate them. they were taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. we just checked in with the national transportation and safety board. and it says they're working with the f.a.a. to analyze any evidence collected. meanwhile, airport authorities tell us that plane will likely stay on the scene here for quite sometime because of a difficulty in retrieving it but that investigation is ongoing this noon. reporting in anne arundel
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county jeanette reyes abc 7 news. >> well, we have a brief break from the cold, you can say, but the temperatures are starting to drop this noon and the rain is now moving in. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast. the weekend looks so nice. where did it go? >> it's all gone jummy. yesterday was the brief break from the cold tying the record of 68 degrees at reagan national. only in the 30's now. let's get you started outside of the belfort furniture weather center. temperatures in the upper 30's in montgomery county, rockville campus, 33 degrees right now and temperatures dropping. cold front will be coming through. a little mix of rain and snow in the pittsburgh area. we're going to watch it. i don't know if it's widespread rain but later this afternoon and through tonight with the cold front, there will be some patches of rain. as the upper air turns steadily colder, it's possible during the overnight hours, some areas could see a little mix or end as a few flakes. we don't expect any impacts. 41 right now in winchester, martinsburg. 45 in luray and 51 in charlottesville. winds out of the northeast
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keeping us chilly. milder air to the west of the metro area. cold front will change everything later tonight and we'll drop from the 40's later this afternoon for the highest temperatures across the area to about 31 in the overnight hours and we could again see an end to a little rain or a little wintry mix before morning. and if you think 31 is cold just wait, a big arctic outbreak is headed here later in the week. we'll highlight the timing and the effect for you in a few minutes, jummy? >> see you then doug. this hour, president obama is meeting with german chancellor angela merkel in washington to talk about the crisis in ukraine. the two leaders are at the white house discussing upcoming talks to revive a peace plan for ukraine. the u.s. is considering giving lethal weapons to ukraine to battle russian-backed separatists. a move merkel opposes. and the european union is also meeting today on the latest diplomatic efforts to stop the fighting in ukraine. u.e. foreign minister said they'll hold off on adding new sanctions against russia for its
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role in the crisis. and they say they're awaiting developments on the situation. officials also said they're shying away from suggestions to arm ukraine against those russian-backed separatists. and the fighting against the islamic state group is ramping up around the world. jordan launched 56 air strikes over the weekend. karen traverse reports on what experts are calling a big mistake on the part of the terror group. >> the u.s. still has no proof to back up claims by isis that 26-year-old american aid worker kayla mueller was killed in a jordanian air strike last week. over the weekend, mueller's parents made an emotional plea to her captors saying "you told us you treated kayla as your guest. as your guest, her safety and well being remains your responsibility." >> the strain of not knowing where their daughter is at and whether or not she's alive or not is something that is starting to wear on them. >> jordan made good on its promise of revenge after isis brutally killed one of its pilots. in a matter of hours, 20
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jordanian war planes dropped 70 munitions on isis targets in syria. >> the murder of the lieutenant backfired? >> absolutely it did. >> john allen is president obama's special envoy in the fight against isis. up until now the u.s. has conducted more than 80% of the air strikes against the terror group. and said the killing of a jordanian pilot, could it be a turning point? >> i think it's galvanized the coalition. >> president obama wanted congress to vote to authorize military support against isis. some democrats are reluctant. some republicans say the president hasn't done enough. the white house wants a bipartisan vote to show america is united. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. >> the escalating terror threat is the subject of a new town hall tonight on our sister station, newschannel 8. it will take place at 7:00 and you can sign up to be in the
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live audience at hall. the supreme court denied an 11th hour attempt to block same sex marriages in alabama. it was two weeks ago when a federal judge ruled that the ban on gay marriages was unconstitutional. but last night, alabama's chief justice ordered state probate judges to refuse to issue those marriage licenses. he argued the judges are not bound by the federal judge's ruling. the state began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples this morning. and new this noon the council holding a roundtable discussion today on a proposal to tax and regulate marijuana. the plan would treat marijuana just like alcohol and would ban employers from testing people for marijuana until after they're hired. d.c. council member mcduffie is blasting the district's board of elections after a new audit. he requested that audit in september. the report found during the general election the board of
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elections failed to post enough signs at polling places, lacked adequate accommodation for voters with disabilities and didn't have enough supplies including paper ballots and failed to ensure training for all of those election workers. coming up on abc 7 news at noon speaking out. what former olympian and reality tv star bruce jenner is saying about the deadly car crash he was involved in over the weekend. and a big announcement from governor terry mcauliffe. the new medical endeavor in virginia. plus another nasty storm hitting new england. how much snow is expected there today? and we could see some snow and maybe sleet in our area tonight. but the big story will be the cold later this week and doug is back with the details next.
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>> bruce jenner is now talking about that deadly car crash he was involved in over the weekend. the olympic gold medalist sends his deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of a woman killed. this after jenner rear ended her car which was hit by a hummer traveling in the opposite direction. authorities are investigating whether jenner was holding a cell phone at the time of that incident. one of the former vanderbilt football players convicted of raping a drunk and unconscious student is also now talking. cory beatty says the incident was totally out of character for him. he also says he couldn't look at the victim when she took the stand. beatty will be sentenced on march 6th and he faces life in prison. now to a big story around the commonwealth. today, virginia governor terry mcauliffe announced plans for a huge economic development
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project in northern virginia. as mike conneen reports, inova health is planning a multimillion dollar expansion of its fairfax campus focused on genomic science. >> genetic testing helped doctors isolate a diagnosis and treatment plan for amy button's 2-year-old son zachary whose condition affects one in a dozen people around the world. >> to find out that nothing that i did it's something that he was born with was very helpful for us and it was helpful in being able to treat him in the long term. >> that is at the heart of what's been bill as transformational, a game changer for inova health. they ex paneded to the 117 exxon mobile campus across gallows road with the oil company relocating to houston. they plan to build a center for personalized health hoping to recruit the leading scientist, renowned research institutions like the mayo clinic. inova officials say it took two years of negotiation but all privately funded. the governor has signalled interest in future investment by the state.
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>> there's a good return on our investment. >> doctors say genomic medicine is the future of health care allowing them to tailor treatments to a specific patient's individual genetic make-up. >> having the physical space and having the genomic analysis tools and have a lot of smart and talented people, we can accomplish so much. >> doctors say as the science advances, genomics will become the standard for nearly every disease and every patient. >> for someone with a medical condition, we can try to pinpoint precisely what the cause of that condition is. for someone that is healthy, we can look and see, ok what might they come up with in the future that we need to be aware of so we can treat it early so maybe we can prevent it. >> mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> virginia state employees and public school teachers could get a small pay increase under a new budget proposal. both chambers of the general assembly unveiled budgets that include varying levels of raises. the senate is proposing slightly higher pay increases for state employees than the house.
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today, montgomery county some parents and students and teachers will participate in a sleep-in at school headquarters. it comes ahead of tomorrow's school board meeting to discuss and talk about those later school start times. it calls for pushing the bell times by 35 minutes or switching the order with elementary school starting the day first. you trust them with your life. but the feds found some local medical facilities don't always play by the rules. to make sure you understand what's happening. tonight at 11:00, the "7 on your side" i-team looks at which local health centers and clinics have been targeted by the department of justice for claims of discrimination. we'll show you the payouts and the punishment that happened when they settled. and we'll also hear from the set of local women fighting back against the d.c. hospital they say discriminated against them because they're disabled. from a nightmare labor to neck surgery, these women say the hospital's way of communicating put them at risk. >> i'm thankful that i'm alive. i mean i don't know what would
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have happened. i mean i could have had a heart attack just because i was simply so scared and nervous. >> tonight at 11:00, we are shining a light on hospital discrimination claims and we'll tell you which national group is standing up for patients in court. evacuations remain in effect along the eastern slope of california's sierra nevada after a wind swept wildfire. although the blaze is now 75% contained, it has already destroyed 40 homes and buildings. nearly 250 residents were forced to leave when that fire started back on friday. and parts of new england and new york state could get up to two feet of snow. schools and municipal offices in many communities are closed today. the national weather service spokesman says winter storm warning is in effect until tomorrow. massachusetts has seen more than 60 inches of snowfall in two weeks. feel like that's where all the snow that maybe we should have got is.
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>> it's sure looking that way pattern is. not only a little more snow but later in the week when the arctic air mass comes blowing in from the northwest, that could set the stage for the more significant storm off the new england coast by friday night and saturday. here's our story. yesterday, we tied a record of 68 degrees. it was wonderful outside! today, it's a little cooler. we'll get off easy for a few days. we'll have highs probably into the 40's next couple of days. but then come thursday, all bets are off and some bitterly cold air comes into town. live look right now at the laurel high school annex. school located in laurel. 32 degrees there. a little bit of an easterly wind. that's why areas east of the metro area and metro area is a little cooler. we're in the 30's. you get west of the metro area temperatures are still fairly mild. 55 in petersburg right now. 51 degrees in charlottesville. all this will change. it will get colder as we head through the afternoon hours. these numbers on the screen show how much cooler it is now than it was this time yesterday. remember during the afternoon, the winds turn the right way and
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really allowed our temperatures to spike into the 60's. that's changing. a little disturbance in the atmosphere and a cold front headed eastward. so we're going to see a possibility of a little rain and maybe overnight as some colder air follows behind just maybe a little wintry mix, a little sleet and maybe a few snowflakes many we don't affect any of that in the metro area as well. there's much colder air in canada that's banking up and we'll get a taste of that thursday and friday. reinforcing saturday night and sunday. it will get mighty cold. our futurecast showed some areas of rain maybe later this evening and especially in the overnight. there could be a couple of spots where it mixes or changes with some few flakes. that will break with some sunshine tomorrow and temperatures will turn a little milder. cloudy early, becoming breezy and cool and maybe a little sunshine for the afternoon hours. but all the attention not so much focused on tomorrow morning. but focused later in the week. and things are going to change. check out the next seven days take it one day at a time.
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60% chance we'll see a little light rain or sprinkles this afternoon and this evening. and then as we head through the overnight hours especially with colder air moving in possibility of a few bit of sleet but rain showers changing to snow showers before ending. mid 40's and sunshine on wednesday and the arctic front arrives later thursday. later thursday afternoon and strong winds and falling temperatures, maybe some snow showers. try to warm up in the lower 30's on saturday and i bet you sunday and monday are going to turn colder than that. so big change coming back to the area. so just yesterday, just says spring is coming. a little tease much what's down the road a few more weeks or months or years. >> i'll say so. >> nice little break. >> ok. thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon the little victory for ride sharing services in virginia. and a warning about just how much information your car collects about you and why they could make you vulnerable.
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>> 7 is on your side this noon with a health matters report. if you're looking to slim down, just uncork that bottle of red wine. scientists claim drinking a glass of red can help you burn fat and improve conditions such as fatty liver disease. researchers say a chemical in red grapes boosts metabolism and slows the growth of new and existing fat cells.
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ride sharing services uber and lift are now cleared to operate in virginia for now. the companies can do business in the state until permanent regulations are adopted. the decision comes as uber and lift agree to driver background checks meeting insurance requirements. d.m.v. officials say no public safety concerns arose during a review process of both of those companies. 7 is on your side with a consumer alert about an alarming new report involving vehicle hacking. now, it finds vehicles using that wireless technology are vulnerable to hackers. the federal report says hackers could gain control of its electronics or steal personal data and automakers have failed to protect drivers. millions of cars trucks and s.u.v.'s are at risk. that report found some automakers are sharing driver's information with third parties. well, speaking of cars one of the capitals star players is getting a new car. it's really what he's doing with that car that is making headlines this morning.
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alex ovechkin entered a hands on the car contest. but he didn't win. this happened a few weeks ago during the nhl all star week. ovechkin wanted the car not for himself but for a local hockey club for children with special needs. the honda got word of his heart felt agenda and six minutes from now, honda will hand over the keys to a brand new accord and the great eight will turn around and donate it immediately to that charity. such a great story there. well, get that umbrella handy. doug is back with the chance of wet weather today. that's coming up next.
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>> ♪ won't you stay with me ♪ ♪ cuz you're all i need ♪ >> well, you could call the grammy awards the fasammies. sam smith sang his hit song "stay with me" and he took home four grammys including best new artist and song of the year. he could not sweep the top three categories. beck won album of the year for "morning phase." quite the show last night. >> absolutely. quick look at our weather for today. we'll be cloudy with a few sprinkles. maybe overnight, could be a couple of snowflakes and then tomorrow a little bit milder. >> ok.
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! hey! hey. welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews, and all this week, we're working with shriners hospitals for children! [cheers and applause] they are a truly fantastic charity that has transformed the lives of more than a million kids with specialized medical needs. and they do it all regardless of the family's s ability to pay. this week, every time a contestant makes it to round 2 we'll be writing shiners hospitals for children a check for $10,000. [cheers and applause]


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